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4 Steps To Handling a Bad Review

It happens to everyone and it is totally unavoidable. A bad review. You can be the best, the brightest, the kindest, but you
just can't please everyone. Maybe you deserve one. Maybe your team dropped the ball. For whatever reason, these ...

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Don't Say This At Work About The Election

You may be ecstatic. You may feel sick. Some are just ok. Others feel the apocalypse is coming. Every single person in America
had their own feelings towards the outcome of this years 2016 Presidential Election. It was a historic upset w...

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6 Tips to Becoming the Boss's Boss

How to Become your Boss's Boss


The title isn't misleading, but it's also not what you think. I'm not
talking about how to get your boss demoted so you can then slide in and take their place. I'm talking about build...

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How to Handle Downtime With Customers

How to Handle Downtime with your Customers


Nothing is worst than your website experiencing down time,
especially if you’re a CRM provider or any kind of website providing a continual need for service. Your custom...

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How to be Irreplaceable at Work



Making sure you know how to do your job and you do it well
is important. But what about doing someone else’s job in your office?

You don’t need to know all...

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5 Ways to Being a Top Notch Boss

Being in charge isn’t always easy. In some ways being the boss is like being a parent. Except instead of adorable little
toddlers, you’re in charge of full grown adults with serious drive and numerous different personalities. And jus...

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4 Things You Should Do When Helping Customers, That You Learn By Being the Customer


We may work in Customer Service, but when we aren't working, we become customers ourselves. These traits below are
some I've encountered while being a customer, whether at the store or on call with tech support. They are ver...

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3 Ways Follow Ups Can Increase Customer Satisfaction


Following up with your customers is essential to succeed with customer service and
find ways you can improve while also what your company does that works. This is becoming increasingly popular fo...

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This is The One Question You Should Always Ask Your Customers

This past year, I worked support for an up and coming CRM company. When you signed with our company we then had a
setup process to introduce the administrator to the system and teach the employees the workflow of the system.


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6 Things Companies Hide From Consumers About Surveys

Stay on the line to participate in a survey! Save this Receipt to Take a Survey and a Chance to Win! You know how it goes. Big
companies to little companies are doing whatever it takes to get you to submit your feedback. It feels good kn...

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5 Steps To Reverse an Unhappy Customer

Customer experiences can turn sour for a number of reasons, some preventable and some not. Regardless of why, these five tips
will help you turn that customers experience into a positive one. Keeping the customer is not the only priority...

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One Company Stands Out in the Over Crowded CRM Software Industry

The customer relationship management (CRM) industry has been on a tear over the last decade. Looking back much has changed in
this industry, Si...

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