Being in charge isn’t always easy. In some ways being the boss is like being a parent. Except instead of adorable little toddlers, you’re in charge of full grown adults with serious drive and numerous different personalities. And just like children, you’ll have to deal with those full grown adults arguing over who gets to do what, what’s mine and what’s theirs, who your favorite is, and one minute they love you and the next they hate you. Try following these 6 tips to handling all this as well as your own job!

1. Learn Everyone’s Personality

The best way to effectively run your company is to obviously hire the best and the brightest. However, sometimes this may consist of different degrees of personalities in different positions having to work together. Learn how they are. Take the time to really understand everyones method and ways as well.


When it comes time to handling a certain client, they may want someone talkative and personable, who feels like a friend. You may have another client who wants the person who is a strict professional who gets right down to business. The better you learn how your people are and their strengths and weaknesses, the better  you can use them to always show off their strengths.


2. Open Door Policy

An Open Door Policy in your office or workplace is an effective way to make sure your employees know you are there for them. Offer your employees the chance anytime they need to walk in and pitch ideas, air out concerns, or to give any sort of feedback. You want to make sure your employees respect you as a boss but also look at you as an equal.


This ensures that there is no office whispering, behind your back meetings, going over your head, etc. You want to make it so that you’re always in the loop and your employees feel like their opinions are being heard. This will make you a stronger team and a strong team can truly excel at customer service.


3. Department Meetings

Try to hold a meeting of your entire department (or whatever you are the boss of) at least once a month. This isn’t a typical meeting like a sales team would have. Air out your grievances, remind everyone who's job is to do what, bring up the good and the bad. This may seem wrong, but I’ve personally seen this kind of meeting and it worked.


A manager of a service department got everyone in that entire department together, and let us all know what we’d been doing right or wrong. Occasionally, you may have one person in your office who gets work passed onto them that is NOT their responsibility or in their job description. Don’t let other employees dictate whose job is to do what. You’re the boss. Remind them at this time exactly what everyone should be doing. Your word is all that matters and you’d be surprised how quickly things can straighten out after that.


4. Have Their Back

A customer is complaining about the way an employee followed procedure. Maybe the customer insisted on adding a coupon on their order after the fact. At a car dealership for example, this coupon may amount to a high amount of money. The cashier may not be at liberty to accept that coupon and refund $100.


As the boss, you want to take the situation over and make the customer happy. However, you don’t need to be the hero and you don’t need to skip over your employee following the rules. Don’t be afraid to let the customer know that you will take care of this for them and have the cashier get the customer their refunded amount, but that your cashier was just doing their job the way they were told. Support your employee’s whenever acceptable and applicable. It will go a long way.


5. Don’t Be Too Proud

Did you make a mistake and an employee called your attention to it? Thank him. Don’t be too proud to acknowledge. A few employee’s make a suggestion for a project or maybe a change at work? If it’s a good idea, then give it a chance! Don’t be offended if it’s different than what you may have thought or changes the way you may have set something up.


Be open to new ideas and be approachable. You will certainly display the qualities that made you the boss in the first place. Your employee’s will certainly be much happier having someone like you!.

Follow these tips and be the kind of boss everybody loves! Do you agree or disagree with these tips?