You may be ecstatic. You may feel sick. Some are just ok. Others feel the apocalypse is coming. Every single person in America had their own feelings towards the outcome of this years 2016 Presidential Election. It was a historic upset when billionaire businessman and former reality TV star, Donald Trump, was announced President Elect of the United States over Hillary Clinton. For weeks the polls were repeatedly explained and each one seemed to point to a Clinton Victory. The outcome of this election was a true game changer and has caused a ripple wave of effects all over the country.


What I want to say however, does not count upon you being a Democrat or Republican or Independent or Whatever. It doesn’t matter if you voted or stayed home. It doesn’t matter if you think Trump is the best or worst. Doesn’t matter if you think Clinton is a liar or honest.



I don’t care to know your opinion, just like no one truly cares to know mine. Do I care about your opinion? As a fellow American, yes. And if we were on a personal blog, or talking about situations at home or with your friends, on Twitter or Facebook, then I’d love to chat about it. Tell you how I feel and debate certain points. You need to know though, that this blog is about careers, customer service, colleagues, professionals, and your political opinions or mine have no place ever relating to those topics.


You may think if you’re a career politician or your job depends on certain proposals from certain political parties than this does not apply to you. Except, you’re wrong. It does. All of our lives and jobs are hugely affected by politics.


Raising minimum wage? That applies to every job everywhere. Forcing employers to offer paid maternity leave. That will apply to every job everywhere. Changing certain tax laws for businesses. While those of us who don’t own a business may not understand it or notice it or care, your boss will. Certain new laws could limit his ability to grow or hire more employees. Maybe it comes to a point where thanks to a new law he can’t afford you anymore. Maybe it’s the opposite. A new law can make things great for a CEO but at the cost of the workers.


The election matters and its outcome is incredibly important to all of us. However, sharing your opinion at the workplace… unnecessary. We’ve all seen how discussion of politics can take a calm and peaceful work environment and turn into a courtroom drama with a little bit of the WWE mixed in. You’re not going to change anyones mind. No one is going to change yours. All you can count on in a heated political debate, is you’re probably going to offend someone.

All he said was Trump and Hillary both had some good ideas.


Work is political as well. So try and be the one who plays it right. Stay out of the debates, and decline to give your opinion. If someone asks, just take a page from the politician playbook and answer without really saying anything at all. Just tell them, “My opinion is we should all have an opinion. Opinions are good. Our country needs work and things can always be improved. I think we should do that.” Politicians do this during debates. You can too!


If this doesn’t work to you, then try to remember we are all Americans, and we are more than just Republicans, Democrats, or others. We are colleagues, friends, employees, bosses, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, etc. Don’t let this divide you or your workplace. Don’t let this cost you friends at work or even your job. Get used to this method as well, because this certainly isn’t the last election. We’ve got so many more to look forward to.