Making sure you know how to do your job and you do it well is important. But what about doing someone else’s job in your office?

You don’t need to know all the ins and outs of being the Office Manager, or Accountant, but getting an idea of their day to day tasks and knowing how to do those yourself can and will prove useful. Observe these things carefully. You never know when you’ll be able to show off those other skills and impress someone.

Show Up Early and Stay Late

You don’t need to take this one to the extreme. Really, it’s about showing that you aren’t bound by the 9-5 work day.

If you are in the middle of something, you are going to finish it regardless of whether or not it keeps you 10 minutes after 5pm or an hour. Show your Boss that you’re in it to get the job done.



One piece of advice you may hear often is to look out for yourself, or everyone at work is just trying to get ahead, not make friends. This isn’t high school. You don’t need to be the most liked or best dressed or have the biggest clique.

However, you should have your co-workers back. Little things like covering for a co-worker's mistake in front of your boss will go a long way. Show a united front and be united. It will get you a lot further than stepping on backs.


Staying Professional

The most important thing you can do while at work is stay professional. The expression “don’t sh** where you eat” is something you should live by. Relationships end and so do friendships.

Creating one of these in the workplace risks some serious awkwardness when things go sour. You also want that separation of business and personal. No one needs to know everything. Stay private and professional.


Fake It

 Wake up in a bad mood? Who cares, go to work smiling. Don’t feel 100%? Suck it up! Don’t complain, don’t get angry. Just keep a smile and always stay calm.

If a customer is angry, just smile through it. Kill them with kindness. It really does work and it is the best way at handling most situations.